IT Solutions To Handle Busy Weekend Golf Bookings

A well-functioning golf club computer system should work seamlessly in the background. It becomes a problem when your system can’t handle reservations for busy weekends or doesn’t support point of sales terminals in the dining room. When members can’t book a tee time on Saturday or can’t check their email after a round of golf, they may choose to golf elsewhere next time.

By choosing IT solutions tailored to your specific golf club’s needs, you’ll better serve your members, increase efficiency among your staff and free up time to work on your business.

TWT Group starts by assessing your current IT setup and asking you about how you use technology at your golf club. We design a tailored IT solution that fits your budget. You’ll benefit from:

  • Installation and support for Jonas Club Software: TWT Group is experienced in the installation and maintenance of the business software that helps you manage your pro shop, food and beverage, accounting, payroll, bookings and more.
  • Unlimited IT support via phone or email: You can pick up the phone as many times as you need to, even if you have just a small question.
  • Reliable backup: Because hardware sometimes fails, we take care of your systems with redundant backups so you can rest easy knowing nothing will ever truly be gone.
  • IT consultations: If something new comes along that can open new opportunities for your business, we’ll let you know how you can get it up and running smoothly.

Solutions We Offer:

  • Clubhouse Wi-Fi
  • Servers
  • Networks
  • Email
  • Point of Sale
  • Data storage

Stop losing out on tee times. Call us now to book a consultation.

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