IT Resources to Help Your Business Now

Getting a handle on IT isn’t always the easiest thing for busy managers and executives to do. Our goal is help your business technology work for you. Use these free IT resources to help your business right now without hiring anyone.


Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some common IT and security questions, and information about the TWT Group.

IT Asset and Password Security Toolkit

Many businesses will go months, even years, without experiencing an IT related issue. But when that time comes, and it undoubtedly will, are you prepared to deal with outcome? Are you prepared if your relationship with your IT provider goes awry? We want to help you prepare.



TWT Cloud Solution Series

In this series, we’ll showcase cloud tools we think help our clients run their small businesses better. We don’t have any affiliation with the companies, nor are we concerned about increasing their sales. We just like these tools and think you will too.

11 Ways to “Hit Snooze” and Avoid Hiring an IT Provider

Your small business is growing. You know it’s time to implement an IT system that protects your data and boosts productivity among your staff. It’s a big step signing a contract with an IT provider, especially if they want a one-year commitment and you don’t yet see the value of what they offer. But IT doesn’t have to be intimidating. If you plan to handle it yourself, you can make the process easier by arming yourself with knowledge.

Say No to Nortel: Choosing VoIP for Small Business

Nortel phones in grey or black were once the choice for office telecommunications equipment across North America. Plenty of companies have never bothered to replace them with options like VoIP for small business. But now, there are lots of new and more capable options available.

The 6 Biggest Myths About IT Service Providers

When something technical goes wrong, does the elusive “IT Guy” send your team searching for answers?

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