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About TWT Group

Why should I choose TWT over another IT company?

TWT Group hand-picks team members with a minimum of five years experience, ensuring you have capable professionals working with you every step of the way. TWT doesn’t have a head office, meaning we don’t pass on our overhead costs to our clients. We offer a high level of service, with 24-hour systems monitoring and prompt tech support. We tailor our IT solutions to meet our clients’ needs and budgets. We treat our employees with respect and kindness, offering unlimited vacation and time to volunteer in the community. Happy employees make happy clients.

What kinds of service contracts do you offer?

We tailor our contracts to individual client needs. We offer everything from pay-as-you-go to comprehensive service and maintenance contracts.

What kinds of companies do you support?

We can support any company, no matter how big or small they are. We currently support dentists, engineers, accountants, investors, retailers, service firms, oil and gas firms, manufacturers, recyclers and many others. If your business uses IT, we can help you.

How much experience do you have?

Our average employee has 13 years of experience. We don’t bill you for an employee who is still learning.

What certifications do your staff hold?

Our team holds the following certifications: MCSE, MCP, GSEC, GCWIN, GCIH and CISSP.

Do you sub-contract your work?

No. We sometimes make use of professionals for specific tasks such as wiring or construction, which fall outside of our expertise. Everything technology related (desktop support, servers, network gear, ISP management, troubleshooting and more) is performed by TWT Group employees.

What is unique about TWT?

Our leading-edge approach keeps costs low and service levels high. We tailor our IT solutions to fit your business and your budget. As a company, we have very little overhead, meaning we don’t pass along those costs to our clients. We’re honest and upfront, and take pride in helping you run your business better. 

TWT takes an active interest in the happiness and wellbeing of our staff. We think fulfilled and engaged staff are better at serving clients. We encourage our staff to take vacations (we even offer to pay for it) and give them time off to volunteer in the community. We inspire them to solve problems independently and celebrate their victories. In return, we get employees who genuinely love working with our clients.

IT Services

What are the benefits of a managed IT service?

Check out our Managed IT Services page. We offer all inclusive packages to suit any business between 10-75 employee size.

When should I consider changing from a one-person consultant to a managed services provider like TWT?

A managed services provider like TWT offers added value. There is no perfect time to switch over, but you may find that as you get tired of fighting fires and rarely seeing your IT technician, you’ll start looking for a better way to manage your systems. That’s where we come in.

You might find our list of 8 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an IT Provider provides some insight on what to consider when making these changes.

What service do you recommend for email?

We recommend our Hosted Enterprise Exchange email product. Unlike most online products out there, which offer limited features and reduced storage, this option is an enterprise-level exchange with a 99.999% uptime guarantee and a 100% data guarantee.

What is VoIP for business?

If you’re not familiar with VoIP, start here. We offer an enterprise grade VoIP system to our clients, which includes Cisco phones, conference bridges, auto attendants, hunt group and many more valuable features.

How much should IT services cost?

There is no hard and fast rule on how much IT services cost. We carefully develop a plan based on your budget and IT needs. We keep your costs reasonable by keeping our costs low. Our staff work from home and we don’t have a fancy head office.

Can you help me with web design?

Yes. Our web designers can help you with everything from updates to maintenance to the development of a completely new site.

Do you offer website hosting?

Yes. We run servers dedicated to web hosting. We can host any type of site, from basic HTML to full blown eCommerce. Our sites have a 99.999% uptime guarantee, meaning your business is never offline.

What should I use for conference calls?

Our VoIP service supports three-way conferencing. Our conference bridges allow you to conference in as other callers as you need. You can also use a web-based offering like Speek.

When does it make sense for our company to hire our own IT person?

This will depend on two things. Firstly, you must consider the cost. In order to cover all the IT needs of an average business (server support, desktop support, networking, infrastructure and security), you need to hire an intermediate-level technician. This level of skill generally costs roughly $80,000 per year. Secondly, you must consider how workload, availability and career growth needs will affect the IT technician you hire, and then compare that with what TWT Group and its staff can offer you and your business in comparison. 

Generally, we see companies work with a split process as they grow. They hire a junior person to do desktop support, updates and maintenance, and continue to work with TWT Group to deal with their more complex needs. The junior IT person is given the opportunity to learn before taking over completely. No matter what route you take, we are always there to help with the transition if and when that time comes.

Security and Backup

How do I reset my password?

Go here. Click on My Services and log in, and then choose the Change Password option in the top corner.

How can I be sure the systems TWT puts in place are secure?

At TWT Group, secure IT services are our top priority. Our data centres meet or exceed security requirements for HIPPA, SOX, CSOX and other security and control standards.

What do you recommend for antivirus protection?

We install Webroot Business Antivirus on our clients’ machines. Webroot is a cloud-based application with a tiny resource footprint that we manage for you.

What’s the best way to back up my files?

Use the rule of three. Always initiate three backups every day: one to your server or storage device, one to your onsite dedicated backup storage and one to an offline backup offsite. These backups should be automated and monitored for success every day. Conduct regular recovery tests on the backed up data to ensure the integrity of your files.


Which is better: Android or iPhone?

A choice like this comes down to personal preference. Both devices offer everything the average user needs from a smartphone. From an ease-of-use perspective, we recommend the iPhone. TWT solutions support both the Android and iPhone.

Which is better: Mac or PC?

We support both Macs and PCs. While both offer great products, we are big fans of Apple products here at TWT. They may be more expensive upfront, but they last longer and are much easier to use.

When do I need a server?

The decision to buy a server is based on many different factors, which will be different for each client. Clients who provide retail services or work with large files — like for engineering, drafting or GIS — will generally need an onsite server. Clients like accountants can generally avoid buying a server and work in the cloud, as the applications they use scale well on cloud servers. They can also share documents using a product like ShareSync.

The Cloud

How safe is the cloud?

Storing your data in the cloud is actually safer than storing it on a physical device, as long as your choose the right cloud provider and do your homework. Laptops and hard drives can be easily lost or damaged. Learn more on our Cloud Services page.

Can the cloud save me money?

This is a tough question to answer as each situation is different. In most cases, the answer is yes. One of the most valuable and attractive financial considerations of the cloud is the ability to pay only for the services you need, when you need them. Rather than spend thousands of dollars on a new server to host your email, you just pay for each account you need on a monthly basis. You can add or delete accounts from month to month.

What are the benefits of migrating my business operations to the cloud?

Check out our Cloud Services page.

Still have a question for the TWT Group?

If you have any other inquires not outlined in our frequently asked IT questions, we would love to hear from you.

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