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"Technology powers our entire agency. It augments our ability to communicate, learn, plan, and increase efficiency."

Ryan Townend   CEO

Client at-a-glance

William Joseph is a strategy company with expert creative abilities. Their approach to marketing is strategic in nature, rooted in deep insight through marketing research. The team at William Joseph uses research to gain empirical data to address target audience trends. They develop strategic marketing and communication plans utilizing innovative marketing strategies and tactics to meet their clients established goals.

More than an advertising or brand company, they are a strategic marketing agency with an entire team of strategists, designers, web developers, copywriters and account managers all thinking strategically to help their clients accomplish their business goals with leading capabilities in branding, communications and marketing.


  • NameWilliam Joseph Communications
  • IndustryMarketing and Advertising
  • Size15 employees
  • IT StaffNo IT Staff
  • SolutionHybrid Cloud services and In-house servers, VoIP upgrade, Full network and Server replacement
  • Websitewilliamjoseph.com

Q&A with client principal

Tell us about William Joseph Communications. What do you do?

We are a strategic marketing agency with offices in Calgary and Saskatoon. For the last 14 years, we’ve been helping our neighbours triumph on a local, national and international scale.

What makes you different from the other marketing firms in Calgary?

When I founded the company, I wanted to build an agency that drives real business performance with bold creative. Strategic thinking is the key to any successful brand, campaign, or marketing initiative because it’s not enough to create something that looks pretty. Smart strategy is infused throughout my agency, not just in the strategy department.

What does it take to run your own independent marketing firm? (Grit, passion, connections?)

It does take grit, passion, and connections, but most of all it takes authenticity and trust. We act as a boost to a client’s internal marketing team or its outsourced marketing department, so we work very closely with clients. We become the quintessential trusted advisor, which requires trust, openness, and the ability to listen to and connect with people. Without that trust it’s hard to get clients to be open enough to properly assess their situation, and they are also less likely to accept the right solution.

Where do you see your business in five years?

We are always careful to manage our growth. Our core strength is our collaborative, boutique agency approach to marketing. If we were to grow too fast, our level of service may suffer. Instead, we aim to build small teams around our core clients and grow with them as necessary. Our five-year goal is to steadily grow our team around core clients in a methodical manner, but always managing that growth to ensure we maintain the collaborative, boutique approach to marketing that has enabled us to make our clients successful.

Many businesses find IT cumbersome and mysterious. How comfortable are you with IT/technology in general?

Technology powers our entire agency. It’s augments our ability to communicate, learn, plan, and increase efficiency. Everything we do relies on it. Marketing today hinges on our technology seamlessly integrating with our operations. It also just needs to work, without fail. None of us are experts in technology. We’re marketers, not IT people or CTOs. But, with TWT we feel comfortable with it. Our tech empowers us now.

What are your biggest IT challenges?

Our clients demand we perform efficiently and meet tight deadlines. That requires 100% uptime and seamless integration between our offices in Calgary and Saskatoon. We also have to ensure we use the latest technology to stay more efficient than our competitors.

What IT solutions has TWT implemented at William Joseph and how have they affected your business?

TWT’s approach to technology really aligned with us.

Shawn and his team started with a strategic IT roadmap that analyzed our current situation and where we needed to be based on our business objectives. They then set an implementation plan to get us there.

What I’ve been most impressed with is how innovative the solutions they propose are. TWT investigated areas I didn’t even know we had issues with, such as our phone systems, and implemented solutions that not only worked better, but often saved us money. They also helped us make large purchases possible without financing. Now we are all up-to-date and we have zero down time.

What are some of the tangible benefits of your new IT setup?

The most evident benefits for me are way less downtime, higher efficiency, and better staff moral.

How do you use (or plan to use) IT or tech solutions to grow your business?

We are always watching for ways to make us more productive and profitable, which TWT continually works on for us. This year we also want to explore how IT can enhance our client experience.

What did you dislike about your previous IT company that TWT has solved?

I think each company has their approach to business—some are very process-driven and even unavailable, and others are more hands-on. TWT is the later. Which isn’t to say it doesn’t have well-defined, effective processes, but the team at TWT really rolls up their sleeves and works closely with us to ensure even the tiniest pain point is eliminated. Their hands-on approach and availability also allows them to move quickly and efficiently.

Most of all they are knowledgeable, proposing solutions I never knew existed and getting the implementation right the first time.

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